Sunrise, Sunset, Water, Serinity

$54 a month, includes 1 float and is shareable with friends and family 

Each additional Single Floats are $54  and Couples Float are $108

 Auto debit required with no fees and easy text, email or call for cancelation. (3 month minimum commitment)

 20% off all in store merchandise 

Stress relief realized

$74 ($54 for members)

Sunrise, Sunset, Water, Serinity

 75 minutes of Floaty Goodness

Complimentary Tea and water in our cozy post float lounge

Apply your Single Float price to a membership or Intro Pack

Try our                          or                          with floats as low as $54


Float with a companion in the same cabin.
(only available in our rooms
Get Tanked & More to Love)

Float with a companion

$128 ($108 for members)

Sunrise, Sunset, Water, Serinity

3 floats for $174

Pregnant women love floating

It can take 2 to 3 floats to appreciate what floating has to offer. So, try our Tri-Floating pack for only $174!

Keep these floats for yourself or share them with friends

Come try floating. It really is great!


Our yearly membership includes 1 float a month plus a free float for your birthday!  This includes all the same perks as our monthly members with additional floats at $54 

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