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Fire and Ice Contrast Therapy


60 min. sessions

(Our Fire and Ice room is on the second floor and only accessible via stairs)

 Reduced Inflammation

              Improved Circulation

                                   Stress Relief

Elevated Mood

       Improved Immune Function

                                        and more...

Contrast therapy is a recovery and relaxation technique that works on the concept of vasodilatation (which occurs in the heat) and vasoconstriction (which occurs in the cold). This results in alternating the blood flow between internal organs and extremities which has been shown to reduce inflammation through improved circulation. It has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety by promoting the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and relax) and to stimulate and improve immune function.

 1.  Drink 12oz  of water 30-60 minutes before your session

2. Enjoy our rain shower while you wash oils, perfumes and deodorants from your body

3. Relax in the Sauna for 20 minutes. Hold on, relief is coming!

4. Rinse in the shower for 1 minute


5. Step into the front of our Cold Plunge and ease yourself back till you are fully submerged. 

6. Take long slow breaths while you release into the cold for... 2 minutes. 

7. Carefully exit and allow your body to warm naturally for 2 minutes. 

8. Repeat if desired.

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